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Our theme for 2021

Mindfulness, intention, balance and joy! These will be the cornerstones of everything we do this year: our strategy for marketing, social content, engagement, brand philosophy and even merchandise. Watch the video for a message from our founder on how we landed here!

What will this actually look like?

It will be more of a shift in our philosophy and less in-your-face visually. You can already see elements in this on the home page of the redesign of our website. It started rolling out last week. You'll see it in upcoming posts on social media—periodically we'll be sharing quotes that have really inspired us as a business model but also as 'humans'.

We will be incorporating these four pillars into some of our new clothing graphics—some more literally than others.

At the end of the day, it will be driven by trying to achieve a better life/work balance and, hopefully, a more sustainable sense of joy! Happiness, less time on our phones, and more time with friends on summer patios!

Balance is hard. So hard. But, we figure, if we don't set it as a goal and actually try to get there, we never will. So here's to at least trying ;)

What are you reaching for this year?

Have you set any intentions? Have any words really grabbed you? Is there something building inside you that you can't stop running towards this year? What do you want for yourself? Let us know in a comment below!

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